ESL Christmas Quiz

ESL Christmas Quiz

Have a fun end to the first term with this ESL Christmas quiz. This quiz is suitable to teens and adults with and Intermediate + level.

The ESL Christmas quiz should take at least 35 minutes and is sure to put your students into the christmas mood.

The quiz is broken up into 3 rounds.

Round one is a christmas themed general knowledge quiz which tests students knowledge of christmas. Its not easy and should get students thinking.

Round two is a Christmas vocabulary round where students have to remember as many words shown in the picture as they can. Another tricky round that is sure to challenge your students.

Round three Is the last round and tests students knowledge of Christmas songs. Students have to write the name of the Christmas songs in English. An internet connection is required. You should not display this section on the screen to the class. Instead you should use the ‘freeze/pause’ function on your projector if you have it so students do not see the name of the songs. When you correct their answers you can unfreeze the projector.

Click here to download a copy of the power point for offline use

As ever, happy Christmas to you all and a happy and productive New Year. If you are looking for more Christmas themed ideas don’t forget to check out last years ideas here. 

Updated December 20 2020.

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