ESL Environment Lesson

ESL Environment Lesson

ESL environment lesson water conservation

This post looks at ESL environment lesson plan ideas to get students talking. Environment and pollution are themes that come up in many ESL books and are frequently a topic of conversation in many English exams too. This post looks at some ways of introducing the topic in a more entertaining way and is a great way to get students speaking about the topic.

Water Facts

1. Get students to read the following questions. Check understanding of vocabulary and get them to predict the answers. On the board write their answers so that you can compare them later.

1. How much water does the average European use?

2. How much water is wasted by toilets?

3. How much of human body weight is made up of water?

4. How much water does it take to make a t-shirt?

2. Tell the students that they are going to watch a video. They should watch the video and answer the four questions. If the students are from Europe like mine, pre-teach “gallons” and explain that 1 gallon is equal to almost 4 litres (3.78541 to be exact!)

3. After the they have seen the video get the students to compare their answers with a partner and if necessary watch the video again.

4. Check that their answers are correct. Then get them to convert the amounts into litres (if that is what they are used to) Now compare their answers to what they thought before watching the video. Get them to give their opinion on what they have discovered. Are they surprised? etc.

5. Next, ask students “How can we save water?”. Write a list of suggestions on the board. After, show the students the the video below and get them to check which of their tips were mentioned.

Why not get students to start their own water conservation campaign in class? Get your students to create “Water Facts” posters and “solution” posters.

Find 100+ water conservation tips here. Get students to research and create a list that they could do easily.

Send in your student’s creations to [email protected]


  1. Great reserch. I’ll use this for my class.

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