Fast Finishers Printables

Fast Finishers Printables

ESL Fast Finishers activities
Fast Finishers Printables are always good to have in mixed ability classes. This post looks at some ways to occupy early finishers, while at the same time, using the time productively. Fast finishers need activities that are both productive and easy to follow as the teacher spends their time with other, weaker students.

Always check students’ work before assigning them any other activities as there is always the temptation to finish quickly to do something more exciting!

Boggle Boggle is a simple activity that students can do when they finish. It is a simple game where the students try and spell as many words as they can from the letters in a grid.  In this printable, I have created two to one sheet to save on paper. Don’t forget to print on recycled paper!

Word Search 
Word searches on their own can be a little boring and that is why I have created the following word searches to get the students thinking and using their creative side.

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