Wordle In The Class

Wordle In The Class

A very happy New Year and a welcome back to you all. 2013 is a new year and I have many fresh ideas to start the term anew.
Using Wordles in the ESL Classroom
So, what is a Wordle? A Wordle is simply a word cloud that can be great resource to teachers. This post will look at a number of ways they can be used in the ESL classroom.


Wordles can be a great way to introduce grammar. Not only can you use them to introduce a grammatical structure but you can also use them for revision. They are a great way to revise grammar in groups or individually.
1. Go to wordle.net.
2. Write a sentence that you want your class to study.
3. Give the Wordle to the students (or project it on the board!). They must reorganise the sentence in groups.
Use Wordles to teach Grammar.
Wordle here used with conditionals.

Summarize A Text

Use Wordles in class with texts
Before class copy the text from a reading to be covered in class. Paste the text into wordle.net and create a Wordle with the key words from the text. This can then be shown to your class. In pairs, they have to decide what the text is going to be about. As an additional exercise, you can get your class to write a headline based on the Wordle.


Wordles can be a great way to improve students writing skills. I use Wordles with teens and exam classes (PET, FCE, CAE, CPE) as a way to improve their writing.Make a Wordle from students writing. Show it to the class and see which words are used most, how could they improve the vocabulary etc. Create two or more Wordles of the same writing task and get your class to compare the language used.
Develop writing skills with wordles ESL


Wordles are a great way to revise key vocabulary covered in a unit. At the end of a unit, create Wordles with key words from the unit to help students remember key vocabulary. Wordle allows you to arrange the vocabulary alphabetically too.
Wordles are great for revision
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