Teacher Class Survey

Teacher Class Survey

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“There can be no educational development without teacher development;….the best means of development is not by clarifying ends but by analysing practice.”

Lawrence Stenhouse
Getting feedback from your students is vital in my opinion to develop as a teacher. While most institutions will require you to give your students a feedback questionnaire, these usually dont go in-depth into how the student has felt about your class. I have given surveys to every group I have taught from teens to adults. I have received some great feedback and insights into how my students have enjoyed the course and my teaching. From the hundreds of students I have given this questionnaire to, it amazes me how almost none of them have ever been given the opportunity to voice their opinion. I know when I was a student I didn’t either. I have spent a lot of time developing this survey. This is not going to be my final revision of it but I feel this gives a good start to other teachers who feel its important to get feedback from students. So, while I developed this what did I consider?
  • I have kept this survey anonymous so students do not have to give their names.
I have seen so many surveys ask for students names and I feel this is silly. If you ask students to give their names they will only give the feedback they think you are looking for. This is not helping you nor your students, present or future.
  • The survey is broken into two main areas (1) “The teacher” and (2) “The course”.
In doing this I have focused on the two main important areas for teachers to gain feedback. I have kept the questions short and simple as this is designed for the EFL classroom.
  • There are only two open-ended questions.
Open-ended questions have been kept to asking two specific sets of information from the students.
1.What is one thing the teacher does well. 
2. What is one thing the teacher needs to improve.
You can however adapt this to your own needs.
  • The survey has been designed to be given during class. (The survey takes approximately 5-10 mins) 
If this feedback is given during contact time you are going to get more useful information from your students. Surveys that are taken home may never return or are rushed and not given any actual thought.
  • Finally, analyse the data quickly.
As soon as you get the data analyse it quickly and implement the feedback suggestions. If you let the information stay unused its  not going to help you. Its important that learners see that it is worth giving feedback.
I hope that you find this helpful. I would love to hear your feedback on this too! Have you any ideas or suggestions? Please comment and let me know what you think.

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