Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters


Natural disasters Speaking activityAlmost every text book will have a section on natural disasters and this activity can be a fun way of discussing the students opinions and views in a natural disaster scenario.
There are two different handouts included in this post. Handout A shows 24 different items which were given to survivors of the 2011 tsunami. [gview file=””] Handout B shows the aftermath of a recent hurricane in America and shows the contents of a recommended survivors kit to be used after such a scenario [gview file=””] Activity Time:  15 – 30 mins + Materials required:  At least one photocopy of the sheets below per student or per group. Pre-teach vocabulary: Handout A: Rope, Ground sheet, Masks, Flameproof. Handout B: Towels, Emergency survival blanket, Poncho, Tape and batteries.    Method: 1.Give each group or student a photocopy of Handout A or Handout B. 2.For each ask the students to consider that they have just survived one of the disasters above. They are only allowed to take 10 items from the list. 3. Ask the students to decide what items they would take and tell them they must justify their decisions. 4.Class decide which group made the best choice.  

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