Halloween Trick or Treat

Halloween Trick or Treat (Interactive)

Halloween Trick or Treat is an updated interactive version of our classic printable game Trick or Treat.

Activity Time:  10 – 15 mins + 

Level: Young learners 

Extra Materials: Candy/Sweets but this is optional

To play this game is even easier than before. You can put students into teams or for smaller classes, students play against each other. Students take turns selecting one of the squares on the board game above. To select the space they must know the vocabulary in the picture (Pre-teach this vocabulary at the begging of class).

If the student/team says the correct word they click and open that square. If they are lucky they will get a treat (and they can be optionally awarded some candy by the teacher! 👩‍🏫  👨‍🏫 ) or if they are unlucky they will get a trick card and they will have to do whatever the card says.

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