Irregular Verbs Checkers / Draughts

Irregular Verbs Checkers / Draughts Board Game

Practice irregular verbs in English with this no prep board game. This game can be played with two players or in teams. Students have to try and take all of the other player’s pieces to win the game.

As the students move, before their move is valid, they have to say what the verb is in the past tense. If they don’t know the answer or they answer incorrectly they miss their turn and the other players take their turn.

How to Play Checkers

The object of the game is to be the last player standing. A player wins the game when his opponent can no longer make a move. This happens when all his opponent’s pieces have been captured or when all of his opponent’s pieces are blocked in.

Black moves first. Players then alternate moves. Moves are allowed only on the black squares; pieces only move diagonally forward toward the opponent. However, Kings, as you’ll see, can also move backwards. A piece may only move one square unless it is making a jump.

When a piece reaches a space in the row on the opposite side of the board (the “King Me” row), its player picks up the piece and crowns it by twisting its base counter-clockwise, then sets it back on its space. It is now a King! Kings are move powerful than pieces because they can move diagonally forward and back- wards. Kings may combine jumps in several directions–forward and backward–on the same turn.

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